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Christmas in July…

I know it’s technically August, but the project started in July…so the title stands! I’ve started in on my yearly Christmas gift project list. The first, a cowl for my father-in-law was completed… Continue reading

Blood, sweat, and cowls.

I continued to indulge my cowl obsession this weekend. It’s been pretty warm here in the Twin Cities (hottish with very high humidity), so I’ve been inside more than normal. I’m one of… Continue reading

And then things were made.

The amount of time between posts seems to be stretching further and further…a fact for which I feel it necessary to apologize. I currently work as an instructional designer for online courses and… Continue reading

At long last…

I started this project in January. I finished it last night. And it’s definitely that project that I’ll never maker again. So. Many. Flowers. Finishing this project presented a bit of a challenge.… Continue reading

That project you never make again…

I’ve finally turned my attention back to the pink puff-flower afghan form my friend’s soon-to-be daughter. I’ve not made a lot of progress on this project since starting it back in February, and… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye (with yarn)

I’m back!  It’s been awhile since my last post…not for lack of crafty good times, but because I haven’t taken the time to document my progress through the myriad projects on my plate. … Continue reading

Quickie Projects

I’ve been continuing to work on two afghans over the past week, and have made progress on both the pink puff flower afghan of many posts ago (man I’m sick of those tiny… Continue reading


Not much to report on the progress front this week. Minneapolis has had a bout of spring weather (early, for us) and I’ve been out and about and IN IT as a result.… Continue reading

Christmas time is here…

  Okay, Christmas time isn’t really here if you’re talking about Black Friday (the horror) or decorating (not ’til after the turkey!)…but Christmas time is TOTALLY here if you’re a crafter. In fact,… Continue reading

I’m not dead yet!

Busy as hell and not crafting a lot, but here’s a hat to entertain you.