About BSS

Hi. I’m Kimi, a Texas transplant braving the snowdrifts of the frozen Midwest.  I am a geeky, crafty, often critical fangirl who has a few degrees, a great job, and a whole lot of yarn.  I currently live in Minneapolis with my (oh so tolerant) husband and a growing collection of dust bunnies.

Butterscotch Sympathy developed as a writing project to see me through the woes of my dissertation project. It has morphed into a crafting slash life musings blog and a gallary of the things I make. So enjoy the things that I so love to make.  [Though, be warned, the content for this site will eventually become more broad in nature.]

Question?  Feel free to contact me.

Hey! I also have a Pop Culture blog with my good friend Moxie. You should check us out at [Insert Snarky Title Here]!