A Long Absence

Long time, no post. It’s been one of those tediously horrible multi-month seasons far, mostly because of a sharp increase in work drama/trauma. I haven’t been crafting as much, choosing instead to bury my head in the proverbial sand and read romance novels and fan-fiction until my brains have turned to mush between my ears. Stories with happy endings tend to see me through the emotionally rough times, and this has been a particularly rough time of late.

But the drama/trauma seems to have mostly passed and I still have a job (which was a question for a bit). So I guess that’s a good thing, yes?

I did manage to finish the Under the Sea baby blanket that I started back in January (or was it December?). The blanket turned out fairly well, though I’m reminded again that I hate applique work with a fiery passion, even if it does look nice in the end. The blanket is HEAVY…I’m going to suggest to the new mom that she use it as a tummy-time blanket rather than an actual bed covering, lest I be blamed for the precious child overheating. Or suffocating. Egads, that would be horrific. As the blanket is bound for San Antonio, where summer starts in February, I doubt it will see much use for a few months.

The picture of the piece below is the completed work. It’s a basic ripple blanket pattern as posted by Attic 24.  All of the applique work is free-handed, but the seaweed uses the same basic ripple pattern.  The blanket will be accompanied by the pink whale ami I posted a few months back to match the pink whale on the blanket.

Also, I named the octopus: Sophie Cephalopod.