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A Long Absence

Long time, no post. It’s been one of those tediously horrible multi-month seasons far, mostly because of a sharp increase in work drama/trauma. I haven’t been crafting as much, choosing instead to bury… Continue reading

Tripping the Light Hat-tastic

I like making hats. So I made some hats this weekend. Here are some hats!

Sometimes you just have to channel Lisa Frank

Everyone needs a friggin’ unicorn hat.

Crafting for a Cause

I can’t recommend donating crafted goods enough. It gives me an excuse to craft AND experiment more often without fear of goods piling up in a corner.

20 Feet Away

[This is the first thing I’ve made for myself in nearly a year. It’s so going in my office at work. Possibly partially hidden behind a monitor because I work in a cubicle and think it’s possible that those who pass my office might think I’m a sociopath when reading this without the Portal 2 context.]

On marathon projects.

…it seems that crafting projects exhaust my limited ability to pace myself…