I’m not dead yet!

…I’m just revising my dissertation.

And revising.

And revising.

So there haven’t been any posts for a couple months due to the fact that I’ve spent the vast majority of my days staring at my computer and analyzing whether “white” should be capitalized and whether “Othered” should be in quotes. And trying to justify my decisions. Because, believe it or not, in my line of work these decisions are pretty dang important.  I’ve been crocheting a little bit here and there as a way of keeping myself sane. Sometimes I think that yarn is the only thing that keeps me sane.  I’ve been working on scarf/hat sets for my committee members (as a thank you for reading this ginormous document I’m compiling) and continuing work on my adviser’s massive blanket of doom. (I just have to do 3 rows a day until the end of September to finish this on time!  Too bad each row takes 2 hours! SHIT!)

We’ve also had a bunch of big stuff happening in our lives lately. My husband and I sold our condo, which meant I spent 2 days cleaning and hauling furniture. (BTW, Bridging.org is a great place to donate furniture if you’re looking…)  I got a job which starts VERY soon working as an Instructional Designer. (Yay! Work I like! Also, money! And benefits!) My car also died, so we spent a day at a Subaru dealer negotiating for something with all wheel drive (very important here in the frozen Northern Mid-West). So busy busy, no time to think of anything except dissertation and condo and finances.

More regular updates to resume shortly. In the meantime, here is a picture of a hat to entertain you.2014-08-18 22.46.38

Divine Hat (with different brim) in Lion Brand Amazing (Glacier Bay)