Christmas time is here…


Okay, Christmas time isn’t really here if you’re talking about Black Friday (the horror) or decorating (not ’til after the turkey!)…but Christmas time is TOTALLY here if you’re a crafter. In fact, if you make gifts for friends and/or loved ones, Christmas time has been here since June.

I’ve always struggled with the homemade gift thing. Not because I don’t do the homemade gift thing–I totally do–but because I start running out of gift ideas after a few Christmasses. I mean, how many hat and scarf sets, afghans, and pillow shams can you give someone before their house looks like the wrong end of a bargain bin yarn sale? (Or, worse, your grandmother’s antique store binge?)

The other problem is the struggle to find patterns that are a) Modern looking and non-fussy, b) something the person will like and, c) easy to work up quickly. I really stink at part C.

This year I’ve kept the crafting list short. My parents might get an afghan, if I can find the time to finish it. The afghan in question has been in the same state of unfinished splendor for almost a year now.  I’m creating an FAST afghan from some Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (pictured below).


I’m also making a couple of stuffed animals.  I have mixed feelings on stuffed animals. I really enjoy making amigurimi, but the tiny stitches tend to make either my tendonitis or carpal tunnel flare up. (I’m 31. I have both these issues. Don’t remodel a kitchen for several months and then go home and crochet after when your main job is to type all day. Not good for the arms.) However, I’ve been seeing some ADORABLE finished stuffed animals on Reddit lately and just had to try one out.

I based this off Lalylala’s creations, though I didn’t use the pattern. Ami’s are pretty easy to eyeball, but since I was obviously basing this on someone else’s work I felt obliged to pay for one of her patterns. (And they really are too cute for words.)

I present you with Pajama Bunny!

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Now all that’s left on my Christmas to-make list is a Despicable Me minion for the bunny recipient’s brother, a hat/scarf set for my aunt-in-law, and 2 afghans.  Oh, and I have to finish the final revision on my dissertation (so close…) Phew!

Hopefully the new year will usher in a time when I can start working on my own projects for sale!