Quickie Projects

I’ve been continuing to work on two afghans over the past week, and have made progress on both the pink puff flower afghan of many posts ago (man I’m sick of those tiny flowers) and the African Flower scrapghan of the past few weeks.

I’ve taken to making the puff flowers in batches, which actually makes that project a favorite to pop into my purse. Whenever we go out for a game night at a friends, I invariably pack a skein or two of yarn and a hook. (My tolerant friends are used to this behavior now.)  I can usually manage to crank out 10-20 puff flowers while playing a rousing game of Coup or Kill Doctor Lucky.

A couple of my yarny friends admired the puff flowers the last time we had a game night, and we came up with the idea of affixing them to headbands. Yes, kind of like those yarn headbands you often see gracing bald newborn baby heads…except in funky colors!  I decided to try my hand at one over the weekend and wasn’t overly horrified by the result. The flowers are the standard puff flower, made with an I hook (5.5mm), and the headband is a 4 row tunisian knit stitch using an H (5mm) Tunisian hook.


Most of my attention has been focused on the African Flower scrapghan, though. I tend to work in batches of about 20 hexes (double double, toil and trouble), so here’s a photo of this week’s progress. I haven’t been working at a very good pace the last few days, due in large part to the fact that I went off sugar cold-turkey and am actually suffering through withdrawal. (Seriously? Withdrawal? I didn’t think I was consuming THAT much!)  As a result, I’m pretty much wiped by the time I get home from work each night.  I’m told that the withdrawal effects will wear off in a couple weeks time. Please, God.  I’ve been able to incorporate some new colors into the flowers this week…the ones I found hiding in a bag while cleaning a couple weeks ago. The smurf blue, orange, and mossy greens are the result of that under-the-couch foraging session.


African Flower centers. Just need to pop the borders on these!

Bonus update: you can see part of my yarn storage system here. All my yarns are sorted into bins according to project, brand, and composition. These are two of my three acrylic bins, sorted into the warm and cool colors. (The third bin, not pictured, is for the black, white, and grey hues.)