Not much to report on the progress front this week. Minneapolis has had a bout of spring weather (early, for us) and I’ve been out and about and IN IT as a result.

I do, however, have a lovely backlog of photos and past projects, and things to talk about for weeks like these.  Case in point: CRAFTERNOON.

I’m a pretty lucky person. I have a lot of good friends in my life, many of whom are also dedicated crafters. Most of the women in my circle of friends knit, crochet, decoupage, cross stitch, weave, felt, draw, or sculpt (and often do multiple crafts). Awhile ago, one of these friends had the idea of crafternoon: a time where all we crafty ladies join together in a coffee shop, sip our beverage of choice, and work on our respective crafts. We’ve managed to make this happen about three times in the past year (we’re busy, crafty ladies) and I don’t tend to get a lot done at these meetings, but there’s something to be said for taking my crafts into a public space.

Often the making-of-things is a solitary and, sometimes, isolating process. I’m a natural introvert (not shy. just not a party-gal.), so I relish my solitary crafting evenings or weekends. However, crafting as a part of a community holds its own appeal. I get to see what my friends are making, catch up with them on their lives without our respective partners present, sip my tea, and enjoy being a part of something that almost feels like a secret feminine ritual.* It’s a great change of pace.

*Not that men don’t craft. Men DO craft, and many of those men are a part of my life too. They make beautiful things, but that doesn’t mean I can’t relish being a part of a circle of ladies for a few hours every few months. I imagine that this is why women establish(ed) sewing circles and quilting clubs–camaraderie, a healthy dose of gossip, and hot beverages are not to be taken for granted.

Below are some pics of some of the crafts from our last crafternoon. I’m hoping to schedule another one soon and invite some more friends to spread the wealth of fuzzy warm feelings.

2015-03-01 11.30.47

Coffee and a baby blanket for one friend…

2015-03-01 11.30.59

A muffin and some cross stitching for another…

2015-03-01 11.31.05

Tea, croissant, and puff flowers for me…