At long last…

I started this project in January. I finished it last night. And it’s definitely that project that I’ll never maker again. So. Many. Flowers.


Finishing this project presented a bit of a challenge. The flowers are essentially tiny hex squares, so I was faced with the task of either figuring out how to put a border on, or figuring out how to make half-flowers. My half-flower experiments were less than exemplary and the thought of making MORE flowers after the 207 that are already in the blanket made me want to puke…so I figured out a border that would fill the gaps left between flowers.

I chose to treble crochet x3 into each side of a flower’s petal, leaving a loop on the hook each time. I then gather the extra loops together to make a shell of sorts. As my friend’s nursery colors are pink and grey, I opted to use these colors–grey for the shells, and pink for a ruffle. The ruffle would really look better with a grey edge, but I couldn’t face another night of going round and round the blanket. Ruffles take TIME, folks.

IMG_20150617_215352(If you’re wondering how a ruffle works, it’s simple. You treble crochet x3 in one stitch, then treble crochet x 4 in the next. Alternate as you go around. You’re essentially creating a tiny hyperbolic plane…it will ruffle up naturally.)

The blanket is done, as is the small cupcake hat that I made a few weeks ago. Now to track down my friend and foist my (incredibly heavy) creation upon her.