That project you never make again…

I’ve finally turned my attention back to the pink puff-flower afghan form my friend’s soon-to-be daughter. I’ve not made a lot of progress on this project since starting it back in February, and there’s a reason for that. Normally I don’t mind pieced projects, but this one is tedium in the extreme. Each flower takes only a couple minutes to complete, but the blanket needs a LOT of flowers. Then they have to be sewn together one at a time. Blah.

So my project has been in this state for the past 3 months. Basically the size of a large placemat.

2015-02-22 23.12.14

I added in over 100 new flowers this weekend, expanding my project to ALMOST stroller size (currently 34″ x 23″). The final size will be 34″ x 28 before the border, then 36″ x 30″ (ish) once a border is added.


I actually waited so long between flower-making sessions that I forgot how to make the flower. You can tell because the flower centers get less and less consistent as the blanket grows. (There’s also about 50 incorrectly crocheted flowers in my wastebasket right now…because frogging them would’ve been more work than just remaking the damn things.)

The good news, I should be able to move on to the border in the next couple of days. 36 flowers left to make, 3 rows left to stitch in, then border time!

As much as this is a lovely blanket, I think I can safely promise to never make this particular pattern again.