Saying Goodbye (with yarn)

I’m back!  It’s been awhile since my last post…not for lack of crafty good times, but because I haven’t taken the time to document my progress through the myriad projects on my plate. … Continue reading

Tripping the Light Hat-tastic

I like making hats. So I made some hats this weekend. Here are some hats!

Sometimes you just have to channel Lisa Frank

Everyone needs a friggin’ unicorn hat.

Quickie Projects

I’ve been continuing to work on two afghans over the past week, and have made progress on both the pink puff flower afghan of many posts ago (man I’m sick of those tiny… Continue reading

Craft Storage and Filing Systems

Everyone has a different storage system for their craft patterns. Here’s a quick tour of mine!

The Unbidden Benefits of Yarn Hoarding

I’m not allowing myself to take on a new project until I finish at least one of the six afghans I have sitting around my apartment. This week therefore yields a progress pic!


Not much to report on the progress front this week. Minneapolis has had a bout of spring weather (early, for us) and I’ve been out and about and IN IT as a result.… Continue reading

Netflix binges, yarn binges…

Yet another new project. No, I haven’t finished the other projects yet. No, I don’t have a yarn problem. I can quit whenever I want!

3 Project Updates (ah ah ah)

Oscar night is about more than awards and pretty dresses…it’s about 4 solid hours of craft time during the poorly rehearsed speeches! (Except Common and John Legend. They are exempt.)

Unexpected Work Craft Times

Zentangle is, apparently, not a dance that Queen sings about in Bohemian Rhapsody. Neither is it a new Yoga offshoot, fancy wine bar, or puzzle game for ages 8-12. Zentangle is fancy doodles…and a heck of a lot of fun!