Tripping the Light Hat-tastic

I’ve been in hat-mode for the past week and a half. I have projects galore than need finishing, but all I want to do is make hats.

I like hats. They make for quick projects and are wonderfully customizable. I can make a hat in 2-4 hours of steady work (a little longer if it’s a quirky hat, like the cupcake ones below) and they make for good purse projects.

There’s not much to be said about these hats, really, except that they are the result of a Fri-Sun hat binge. Two are just plain HDC rounds, one is a stripey HDC round hat, and the last two are cupcake hats. (To be fair, the blue cupcake was not created this weekend, but on Tuesday/Wednesday night.)

Now I have a ball of black and silver metallic yarn that I plan to make into a hat during a web meeting this afternoon. Hats!

(All but one of these hats will be donated to Tie One On for Brain Cancer when I send off a shipment at summer’s end.)


2015-04-27 01.15.28

2015-04-27 01.14.30

2015-04-27 01.14.50

2015-04-27 01.14.09