I love the smell of embroidery floss in the morning…

I’m a messy person. Not dirty, just messy. The only area of my life that ever receives regular organization seems to be my crafting materials. This post is mostly about the end of a project, the start of a new one, and the joy that winding embroidery floss around little plastic spools seems to bring me.

Crafting for a Cause

I can’t recommend donating crafted goods enough. It gives me an excuse to craft AND experiment more often without fear of goods piling up in a corner.

20 Feet Away

[This is the first thing I’ve made for myself in nearly a year. It’s so going in my office at work. Possibly partially hidden behind a monitor because I work in a cubicle and think it’s possible that those who pass my office might think I’m a sociopath when reading this without the Portal 2 context.]

Christmas time is here…

  Okay, Christmas time isn’t really here if you’re talking about Black Friday (the horror) or decorating (not ’til after the turkey!)…but Christmas time is TOTALLY here if you’re a crafter. In fact,… Continue reading

I’m not dead yet!

Busy as hell and not crafting a lot, but here’s a hat to entertain you.

A New Project!

I recently took a short vacation with my husband to Alaska, but aside from the 10 day break my dissertation continues at a fairly steady pace. I’m on track to finish the full… Continue reading

My desk chair plays mind games

I have been in the throes, so there have been no posts recently. ┬áTendonitis, the early stages of carpal tunnel, and the need to churn out a super-human amount of dissertation writing over… Continue reading

On marathon projects.

…it seems that crafting projects exhaust my limited ability to pace myself…

On Celebrating the Little Triumphs

I created this blog a month ago with every intention of completing weekly updates. This is my first post. There is a pressure that every writer feels when composing a first blog post,… Continue reading