Netflix binges, yarn binges…

I’m behind the times. I’ve been anticipating the new season of House of Cards for months, but this is a show my husband and I watch together. He was busy last weekend and I ended up playing “Don’t Starve” for 6 straight hours on Saturday, so we didn’t end up starting the series until more than a week after Netflix released the proverbial political hounds.

Mr. Butterscotch (Mr. Bitterscotch? There’s gotta be some less cutsie name for him out there…) and I ended up indulging in a five episode binge of the show last night (with a further 4 episode binge of the British version on my part immediately thereafter), which meant I spent a pretty significant part of my weekend on the couch.

My inability to focus on a single project for more than a couple days at a time led me to finally start the scrapgan I promised a school friend more than a year ago. She’s working on her own dissertation right now and this seemed like a nice soon-to-finish-project-of-doom gift. Plus it’s a break from the pink of the baby blanket I’m currently working on and from the close stitching of my Ganondorf project.

I’ve opted to use Heidi Bear’s African Flower hex pattern for the blanket (also: tutorial for a half-hex). I have a TON of acrylic yarn sitting around the house from previous projects, so the scrapghan will be a mixture of sport and worsted weight acrylics.


I wasn’t joking. I have a lot of leftover acrylics…

I started the scrapghan on Thursday night, officially, and have managed to make some pretty good headway with it over the weekend. I’m trying to use every color I have in my stash and to not have too many hexes of with the same colors in close proximity. I deliberately went for the clash in the early hexes, trying to make a wacky, tacky, and deliberately homely blanket (this will appeal to my friend. She loves color and kitsch.). While I managed the clash, the blanket looks pretty damned good. Homely is not a word I’d apply.

2015-03-06 00.33.02

The initial seven hexes.

2015-03-08 20.45.03

By the end of Sunday night…

Alas and alack. I didn’t make an ugly thing. Not sure how big this thing is going to be yet…probably Queen bedspread sized in the end. For anyone out there who will be making these fun little hexes for themselves, be warned that you will spend almost as much time weaving in ends as making the hex itself. Totally worth it in the end, though. I think my friend’s apartment (which is already colorful and lovely) will be brightened considerably by her new afghan.