Sometimes you just have to channel Lisa Frank

I haven’t updated in a couple weeks…not because I haven’t been crocheting, but because I’ve been working pretty steadfastly on the same project that I’ve already posted about a couple of times (the puff-flower afghan). Then I lost my H hook somewhere between work and home, which will certainly teach me to crochet at the office, and had to take up another project for a few days. Rather than turn my attentions to another project-in-progress as I should have, I decided to break the monotony (and my no-new-projects vow) by making hats.

Hats are quite possibly my favorite thing to make. They’re shot projects, they allow me to use the magic circle (love!) and to crochet in the round (double love!), and they can be incredibly quirky/fun projects to spend a couple nights on. I stumbled across a crochet blog by a lovely woman names Sarah called RepeatCrafterMe, which housed a whole lot of inspiration that satisfied my hat-binge this week.

So I’m a bad pattern follower…just like I’m a bad recipe follower (unless it’s baking). I start following a pattern and then eventually get bored and just start freehanding. Maybe that’s why I like hats so much–they’re super easy to freehand. This is why I say that I used Sarah’s patterns as inspiration, not as instructional guides. She does include very complete patterns for each of her posts, if you’re interested. And her stuff is CUTE, guys.

So yes. Two hats this week: A child-sized cupcake hat made of the same yarn used for the puff-flower afghan (since it’s for the same kid-to-be), and a Lisa Frank-esque unicorn hat. Because everyone friggin needs a unicorn hat.