The Unbidden Benefits of Yarn Hoarding

It was a busy week here in the Butterscotch household. I had a birthday and, subsequently, a birthday gathering here at the apartment I share with Mr. Butterbuns (Really? I am apparently nickname impaired). This resulted in the quarterly “hide all the yarn from the visitors” event in our household, which consists of the husband-face watching incredulously as I unearth long-forgotten-about skeins of yarn from improbable places. I then categorize the newly discovered bits of joy and put then in the bins and boxes that house their brethren, then shove them on top of bookshelves there to live until I get a wild hair to start a new project.  Which takes…oh…about 12 hours.  (I counted. I have six half-finished afghans in my house. What is wrong with me??)

I ended up finding six (6!) skeins of acrylic that I’d used for another project (a finished one, thankfully). The timing here is fortuitous as I’m beginning to have trouble coming up with new color combinations for my friend’s African Flower Hexagon Scrapghan (hereafter AFHS).   So hurrah! I’ve added a blue, a couple of greens, a coral, and a couple of much needed oranges to the list of weird-ass colors I’m using in the project.

My other blog, a cultural criticism blog co-written with a good college buddy, went on hiatus for spring break, so I put my extra time into the AFHS this week. I managed to make 20 hexes (heh. hexes. How positively Macbethean.) and whip stitch them into the growing whole.  Progress photo below.

No other crafty news to report this week, but there will likely be a forthcoming post on archiving online patterns in the near future…

2015-03-22 23.17.25

Not bad for three weeks progress.