Crafting for a Cause

When crafting, I really like to experiment with new stitches or color combos. These are great stash-buster activities, but experimental crafting tends to generate a lot of excess “goods” that don’t have an intended home. I do, however, post these items on my Facebook page to show off to my fellow yarnophiles. It turns out one of my friends from my Florida days has connections to a non-profit that collects yarny goods, sells them, and donates the proceeds to brain cancer research.


Some time ago this friend contacted me after I’d posted some of my recent experiments and asked whether I had anything I’d like to donate. Boy, did I.  I sent off a box of the random–something that I intend to do again this year–and felt pretty darn good about myself.

In October, however, I was rewarded in an incredibly unexpected way. One of my items ended up on TV in Nebraska (the home of the charity).  That giant pink blanket on the couch? Yep. Totally mine. I was pretty jazzed by my blanket’s 15 seconds of fame…so much so I might have saved this particular video to my hard drive. Don’t judge.

UntitledIt was created with a the Attic24 basic ripple stitch (my first) and some cabone flowers.  This blanket sat around my house for over 2 years before the opportunity to donate it came up.

923066_742193586190_1506264115_nI can’t recommend donating crafted goods enough. It gives me an excuse to craft AND experiment more often without fear of goods piling up in a corner. Even better, I know that these items are going to good homes and that the proceeds from them go to a good cause. There are lots of places to donate items (such as Project Linus, which collects blankets for sick kids). Personally, I give to Tie One on for Brain Cancer and can’t recommend this organization enough!