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A Long Absence

Long time, no post. It’s been one of those tediously horrible multi-month seasons far, mostly because of a sharp increase in work drama/trauma. I haven’t been crafting as much, choosing instead to bury… Continue reading

A Whale of a Time

In an attempt to post more regularly, I’m trying my hand at shorter posts with the things I’m working on rather than mass postings with 500 items. I’m supposed to be working on… Continue reading

The Post-Christmas Malaise

Oof. I haven’t posted in a looong time. I feel like I should offer some sort of credible reason why, but the simple fact is work was sucking, I was stressed out beyond… Continue reading

Vacation project!

My family vacation to Maine turned into a walk down crafting-memory lane and yielded some feel good moments as well as the beginnings of a new afghan project.

Tripping the Light Hat-tastic

I like making hats. So I made some hats this weekend. Here are some hats!

Sometimes you just have to channel Lisa Frank

Everyone needs a friggin’ unicorn hat.

The Unbidden Benefits of Yarn Hoarding

I’m not allowing myself to take on a new project until I finish at least one of the six afghans I have sitting around my apartment. This week therefore yields a progress pic!

Netflix binges, yarn binges…

Yet another new project. No, I haven’t finished the other projects yet. No, I don’t have a yarn problem. I can quit whenever I want!

3 Project Updates (ah ah ah)

Oscar night is about more than awards and pretty dresses…it’s about 4 solid hours of craft time during the poorly rehearsed speeches! (Except Common and John Legend. They are exempt.)

Crafting for a Cause

I can’t recommend donating crafted goods enough. It gives me an excuse to craft AND experiment more often without fear of goods piling up in a corner.